Burghfield Santas

Burghfield Santas is a group of local residents that create fun events in the RG7 community to raise money for local charities.

It all started with Santa Cruise 14 years ago when a group of mates went out for a few drinks after making and wrapping many presents, we wore our red suits and raised a little money for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance . We did this again and again many times and somewhere along the way we realised that charity fund raising is not just for Christmas but Easter too. The Bunny Hop was born, closely followed by Burghfest which satisfied our need for good music, good company and good local beer. Now our calendar was looking much more complete except for June when the roads are dry and the nights are long. What could be better than racing our sleighs down the winding roads of our very own village?

The Burghfield Box Kart Bash was born.

Box Kart 2018

We had plenty of thrills, and more than a fair share of spills! 29 Karts raced down our track, negotiating the Chicane, Super Soaker and the Kicker, and most of them survived! We even managed to get a TV screen in for World Cup football.

This charity event raised a phenomenal £18,000 for diverse set of good causes including Thames Valley Air Ambulance and The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association as well as all the good causes supported by the kart teams.

We could not have done this without you – our community. 150 volunteers worked to make the day happen, and thousands of hours of effort in preparation for the 12 months before.

Thanks to every one who was involved

2018 Burghfield Box Kart Bash Award Winners

Parkers were proud sponsors of the 2018 Burghfield Box Kart Bash Awards.

King of the Hill

Fastest kart down the hill
Team Mortimer Sausage Company

Best Engineered Kart

Chosen by the scrutineers
Team Maximum

Best Novelty Kart

Chosen by the judges
The Rebel Force

People’s Favourite

Chosen by you
24 Lemons

Most Air

Longest jump
Team Craven Motor Club


Box Kart 2017


Box Kart last year was an AWESOME event.

Not only did we have a great time, watched brilliant karts race, ate great food and drank wonderful beverages…. we raised a whopping £24,200 for good causes!

The charities that benefited were:

Thanks for your support