Sponsored by Kwik Fit Training Academy 

#YCGBTAKFF – We are a team made up of members of the Kwik Fit Training Academy staff, mainly Technical Trainers and Apprentice Coaches. We are supporting our company’s challenge to raise £1 million for Children with Cancer UK and we have a team goal of raising at least £5000 by entering a number of Soapbox events throughout 2019 across the UK.

Our team name comes from our famous slogan used in the Kwik Fit TV ads through the 1980’s and 90’s, we will leave it to you to work out what it stands for!

The team is truly devoted to our cause and we hope we can rise to the challenge of the Burghfield Box Cart Bash, and we hope that the wheels don’t fall off….. that would be embarrassing

Racing in aid of Children with Cancer UK

Please sponsor us at justgiving.com/teams/boxkartbash2019