Team List

Thanks to all the teams that took part. Fastest times below:

Pos. Team Time
1 Sausage Rocket 00:58.407
2 The Sparkies 00:58.750
3 #YCGBTAKFF 00:59.750
4 24 Lemons 01:01.150
5 TK Travel 2Cool4Skool 01:03.160
6 Chopper One 01:03.720
7 Rust Busters 01:03.830
8 The Pitstoppers 01:04.510
9 DB Building Services 01:05.160
10 Team Dinoco 01:06.400
11 Bootleg Banger 01:07.630
12 Hot Hatch 01:08.500
13 Reading Metal Recycling Wheelie Kwik 01:18.030
14 Intolorence 01:19.680
15 The Third Wheelers 01:20.310
16 Team Reading Metal Recycling 2 01:55.600
17 Highnett Controls 02:03.010

Kart 1. The Sparkies

Sponsored by Teescroft Electrical 

This is the first year we have entered a Kart, after sponsoring other teams in the previous two Box Kart events. We are a small Electrical contractors based in Burghfield who have decided to tackle the hill of death with our very own Stuart “no fear” Lugger taking the seat of the Karts controls.

Our charity we are supporting is The Teenage Cancer Trust, that needs no introduction, and does marvellous works.

Racing in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust

Please sponsor us at

Kart 2. Team DB Building Services

Sponsored by DB Building Services 

We are a local building company with a great team. This is our 3rd year doing the Box Kart previously we have done Scoop from Bob the Builder and Peppa Pig.
This year we will be doing Only Fools and Horses. The four of us in the team are Rob(myself) as Delboy, Dave (my business partner) as Rodney, Shane as Uncle Albert and Aaron as Trigger.

Racing in aid of Ronald McDonald House Charities

Please sponsor us at

Kart 3. Wheelie Kwick

Sponsored by Reading Metal Recycling 

Reading Metal Recycling have one of the most innovative two man karts. Constructed from green recycling bins, one of the racers actually faces backwards careering down the course at 30+ mph. This year they have made some minor modifications to reduce the weight and hopefully increase their speed – let’s see how they get on.

Racing in aid of Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Please sponsor us at

Kart 5. The Pitstoppers

Kart Sponsorship Available  

Third time’s the charm for the plucky Pitstoppers.

As The Red Arrows Gravity Riders, they failed to finish in year one, crashing out on their second run down the hill. They finished 10th last year as Team Phoenix (rising from the ashes of failure) and have their slightly wonky wheels pointed at a podium spot in 2019 as The Pitstoppers.

Penelope and the other Wacky Racers are looking forward to seeing what challenges they’ll need to shrug off in our pursuit of Burghfield glory.

Racing in aid of Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Please sponsor us at

Kart 9. 2Kool 4Skool

Sponsored by TK Travel Ltd 

TK Travel, your local coach and minibus hire company are back this year by popular demand. Tony, Dave, Trevor, and Sandy (with a little help from Lee, Mark and Katie) will bring some fun and entertainment with our newly modified dream machine.

All aboard – let’s hear you singing to encourage us down the hill. You all know the words. “The wheels on the bus go round and round…”

Racing in aid of Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Please sponsor us at

Kart 10. Hot Hatch

Kart Sponsorship Available  

“I feel the need, the need for speed.”
The Top Gun Naval Weapons School is where the best of the best train to refine their elite flying skills. None of Hot Hatch have been there!
Back to compete again, lessons learnt, redesigns in place, let us return to the heyday of aviators, huge hair and power ballads, and be prepared to have your breath taken away.
Mav, Iceman, Jester & Viper

Racing in aid of Sebastian’s Action Trust

Please sponsor us at

Kart 11. 24 Lemons

Kart Sponsorship Available  

24 Lemons are back for a second year at the Burghfield Box Kart Bash. The kart has been slightly tweaked since last years run and remains in our original Gulf blue and orange ’24 Hours of Le Mans’ design. The body itself is made from 144 layers of shaped cardboard with the frame created from a modified go kart chassis. All round disc brakes finish the job, but we won’t need those……!

We are racing on behalf of local charity Dinlegy’s Promise. Please come down and support us!

Racing in aid of Dingley’s Promise

Please sponsor us at

Kart 12. Rust Busters

Kart Sponsorship Available  

This will be our second year of doing the box kart. We are same team from last year karl, Jack,Liam and Adam. Our team last year rushed to get the kart ready as we started it 3 months before race day. This year we’ve started it even later but it’s ready.The kart itself has been left out in the elements all year and is looking sad and rusty. We upgraded the wheels from 10” wheels to 16” space saver wheels. There’s no theme just a plain rusty kart. We hope to go faster than last year and also make it without breaking it.

We are raising money for Autistic Pride Reading Who Celebrate the WHOLE spectrum by providing autistic friendly events and activities in the Berkshire area. Including there annual Autistic Pride event in Prospect Park.

Racing in aid of Autistic Pride Reading

Please sponsor us at

Kart 16. Team Highnett Controls

Sponsored by Highnett Controls 

A team of work colleagues, who work for Highnett Controls Ltd an Electrical Engineering and Maintenance firm based in Newbury. Looking to work together and have a bit of fun in the process.

They decided to make it into a fire engine because of all the smoke from the tyres but Fireman Stan is hoping to get to the bottom of the hill without having to break out the hose pipe!

Racing in aid of Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Please sponsor us at


Sponsored by Kwik Fit Training Academy 

#YCGBTAKFF – We are a team made up of members of the Kwik Fit Training Academy staff, mainly Technical Trainers and Apprentice Coaches. We are supporting our company’s challenge to raise £1 million for Children with Cancer UK and we have a team goal of raising at least £5000 by entering a number of Soapbox events throughout 2019 across the UK.

The team is truly devoted to our cause and we hope we can rise to the challenge of the Burghfield Box Kart Bash, and we hope that the wheels don’t fall off….. that would be embarrassing.

Racing in aid of Children with Cancer UK

Please sponsor us at

Kart 18. In Tolerance

Kart Sponsorship Available  

We are small team from Reading who have all had a run in with cancer whether it be via family or ourselves. Its not just my team who have run in with Cancer, in fact more than 50% of the UK will end up having something to do with Cancer. This is what we want to change!

We all have jobs in Machining and Quality Inspection and are looking to blast the competition out of the water but we also have to ensure that all of our work is In Tolerance.

Racing in aid of Cancer Research UK

Please sponsor us at