Kart 22. The Rebel Force


In a land known as Basingstoke ‘not so far away’, 3 Families joined together to try to fulfil one of their lifelong dreams… .to build a Spaceship that can travel by land and withstand ‘The Darkest Force’. Standing together 3 ‘I am your Fathers’ and a troop of Jedi Knights came together to share the power of the Force.
Now sometimes the Jedi’s went Rogue…leading them towards the dark side, but Their Leaders brought them back with a task to test The Rebel Force in their training. And on this day in June let Good defeat Bad as ‘The Rebel Force’ come together and safely fly for their Empire and all those flying Helicopters in the Sky’s saving peoples lives. Please Stand with us and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US ALL …. AND STRONG IN THIS ONE!

Racing in aid of Thames Valley Air Ambulance

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