Fundraising Info

The Box Kart Bash is intended to be a family fun day for the benefit of local community. It is held before the summer holidays so that it gives families and individuals a project throughout the spring and longer days, and allows schools and other groups to work on their karts before the summer holidays.

The popularity and fun of the event means that it’s a great platform to raise money for good causes. This year we have a target of £20,000 – Remember it’s all done for charity. All of us involved in running it are volunteers.

We have set a minimum target to raise £200 for each team that participates. If you have four people in your team, that is £50 each.

We believe this is easily achievable and expect most of you will raise much more for your nominated charity.

You can help to reach this target in three easy ways:


Create a unique fundraising page which you can send to everyone who wants to sponsor you.  Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to and click on ‘Start Fund Raising’
  2. ‘Login’ if you already have a JustGiving Account, otherwise ‘Sign Up’ for one.
  3. Search for the charity you want to support.
  4. For ‘What you are doing’  click on ‘Organised Event’ and Search for ‘Burghfield Box Kart Bash’.
  5. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and ‘Create Your Page’
  6. Personalise your page by entering the requested information. Remember your target should be at least £200
  7. Add you page to the Box Kart team page by going to and clicking on ‘join the team’
  8. Your page is now complete. Share it with all your Facebook friends and email contacts!


Sell or buy a programme page – An ad costs only £100 per page (£50 half page). Thousands will see it!

Corporate/Business support

Find a kart sponsor – Get a company to sponsor your kart. For £50 corporate entries can have their own banner displayed along the Course and be mentioned by the event commentator throughout the afternoon. It is also a fun day for your supporters. Entering a kart can also be a good team building exercise and you can even raise money by selling space on your kart or helmet.