Kart 2. Sorry chaps, moust-dash

Des (pilot), he has procured most of the parts for the build and is a veritable stig of the dump. He also did the building of the cart. Nathan (co-pilot), did the welding of the chassis, and most of the building on the cart. Then we have three pusher powerhouses, Adam, Jonathan and Bradley, ready to send us flying down the course! Very appropriate as we are based out of RAF Odiham.

Racing in aid of RAF 100 Appeal

Please sponsor us at justgiving.com/teams/boxkartbash2018

Kart 4. 24 Lemons


James, Ian, Ben, Adam, and Nick will be building and entering a box kart in order to raise money for First Days Children’s Charity. First Days believe all children deserve the same start in life. They provide practical support to families who are living in poverty by distributing clothes, toiletries, school uniforms, equipment, furniture, toys and books; as well as helping parents access support with housing, debt and managing their finances. We would love your help to support this brilliant local charity, so please help by donating and coming to watch us and many others looking daft and speeding down the box Kart track!

Racing in aid of First Days

Please sponsor us at uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Team/24Lemons

Kart 6. Ka-chow! 2


We’ll Float like a Cadillac, sting like a Beemer!
Okay, here we go. Focus. Speed. I am speed. One winner, twenty-nine losers. I eat losers for breakfast. Breakfast? Maybe I should have had breakfast? Brekkie could be good for me. No, no, no, focus. Speed. Faster than fast, quicker than quick. I am Lightning.

After just missing a podium finish last year Lightning is back with a vengeance.

Racing in aid of 1st Ufton Scouts

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Kart 9. Brum-hound SSC


Our team is made up of three local engineers: Lee, Will and Andy. We are all keen followers of the Bloodhound Supersonic Car effort (Will even has his name on the car) and we also remember the 1982 children’s show “Brum” very fondly. Our kart will be an optimistic coming together of the two parties with the aerodynamics of Bloodhound and the style and unbridled happiness of Brum!

Racing in aid of Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Please sponsor us at justgiving.com/fundraising/brumhoundssc1

Kart 13. The Phoenix


Building on our success in 2017, the new and improved canoe now features 33% more wheels. Spurred on by the size of last year’s kicker the canoe is now running our Dakar spec suspension system with a whopping 75mm lift built in. One thing we are happy to leave unchanged is our driver (the Red Stig) who has fortunately forgotten his 2017 crash owing to mild concussion.

Racing in aid of Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Please sponsor us at justgiving.com/fundraising/phoenix-gravity-riders

Kart 14. Ride like there’s no tomorrow


We are a group of friends who are looking to raise funds for a great cause whilst having some fun. As a group of dads to young families we hope to inspire and encourage our kids to get out there and help others. Mobility Trust is a small charity that provide Powered Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters to those with reduced mobility. They support people who cannot access such equipment from the NHS, other statutory sources or afford to buy it themselves. They aim to help people who simply have nowhere else to turn. Giving them the ability to regain a level of independence and open doors to live their lives to the full.

Racing in aid of Mobility Trust

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Kart 17. Return of the Macbeth

Sponsored by Macbeth 

A crack team of insurance specialists with soft hands and limited DIY skills set out to be kings of Hermits Hill, with little hope of actually being kings of the Hermits Hill looking at last years entries. However, we do look forward to having a cracking time with fellow competitors and meeting a bunch of you on the day. Come and say hi and give us a big cheer as we hurtle uncontrollably down the course. Thanks, from all in the Macbeth paddock.

Racing in aid of Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice

Please sponsor us at justgiving.com/teams/boxkartbash2018

Kart 18. Team Craven Motor Club


Team Craven has moved from motorised sport to Boxkart racing… “Eileen” was designed and built by Phil Walbank out of a Reading green waste bin and a mobility scooter owned by a nice lady named Eileen.

Eileen cost a grand total of £6.95 to make (that was for the tin of paint), everything else was reclaimed. She came 3rd place in the 2017 Englefield Boxkart event AND, 1st place!! in the junior event.

Driver Gary King has been known to jump out of perfectly safe airplanes, climb huge rocky type things called mountains and says this is his greatest challenge to date.

Racing in aid of Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Please sponsor us at justgiving.com/teams/boxkartbash2018

Kart 19. Hot Hatch


“I feel the need, the need for speed” The Top Gun Naval Weapons School is where the best of the best train to refine their elite flying skill. None of Hot Hatch have been there!
Back to compete again, lessons learnt, redesigns in place, let us return to the heyday of aviators, huge hair and power ballads, and be prepared to have your breath taken away.

Racing in aid of Sebastian’s Action Trust

Please sponsor us at justgiving.com/fundraising/hot-hatch

Kart 21. Team Staged


Not in it to win it, just to have some fun and raise some money for a great cause!
Team Staged came second in the RBH Englefield Boxkart event in 2017 and are hoping to do just as well at The Burghfield Boxkart Bash. Michael the driver is one of the youngest competitors this year at the age of 14. Team Staged would like to say a BIG thank you to Brad Chapman, their next door neighbour, for designing and building the kart.

Racing in aid of Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Please sponsor us at justgiving.com/teams/boxkartbash2018

Kart 22. The Rebel Force


In a land known as Basingstoke ‘not so far away’, 3 Families joined together to try to fulfil one of their lifelong dreams… .to build a Spaceship that can travel by land and withstand ‘The Darkest Force’. Standing together 3 ‘I am your Fathers’ and a troop of Jedi Knights came together to share the power of the Force.
Now sometimes the Jedi’s went Rogue…leading them towards the dark side, but Their Leaders brought them back with a task to test The Rebel Force in their training. And on this day in June let Good defeat Bad as ‘The Rebel Force’ come together and safely fly for their Empire and all those flying Helicopters in the Sky’s saving peoples lives. Please Stand with us and MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US ALL …. AND STRONG IN THIS ONE!

Racing in aid of Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Please sponsor us at justgiving.com/teams/boxkartbash2018

Kart 25. Team Reading Metal Recycling

Sponsored by Reading Metal Recycling 

Last year the team from Reading Metal Recycling gave us one of the most innovative 2 man karts. Constructed from green recycling bins, one of the racers actually faced backwards careering down the course at 30+ mph. This year they have made some minor modifications to reduce the weight and hopefully increase their speed – let’s see how they get on.

Racing in aid of Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Please sponsor us at justgiving.com/teams/boxkartbash2018

Kart 26. Team DB Building Services

Sponsored by DB Building Services 

We are a local building company with a great team. Last year we were Scoop from Bob the Builder, this year we are going to be another well known childrens TV character, so we have decided to raise money for a great children’s charity – Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Can you guess which children’s TV character would drive this car?

Racing in aid of Starlight Children Foundation

Please sponsor us at justgiving.com/fundraising/DBBuilding

Kart 28. Knightprint Management

Sponsored by Knightprint 

Knightprint are proud to be part of the fantastic Burghfield Box Kart Bash 2018. We would like to thank all of our friends & family who have sponsored us and also our kart sponsors – Wahaca, Swift Logistics, Spaneuro, RA Plastering, KSP and Bulmershe Boxing Club for supporting us and a fantastic charity The Ark Project.
Bring on 24th June, the Knightprint Team cannot wait to take in the challenge.

Racing in aid of The Ark Project

Please sponsor us at justgiving.com/teams/boxkartbash2018

Kart 29. Team Maximum

Sponsored by Maximum Precision 

We think Team Maxium have travelled the furthest of all of our competitors this year – all the way from Norfolk, ‘n’ chances are they will give the local competition a run for their money…

Three work colleagues, always up for a charitable challenge. Eager willing daredevils!
Rich – Team leader, engineer extraordinaire and car nerd.
Emma – Burghfield Common native, came up with the bright idea & the real team leader!
Josh – the other engineer extraordinaire, single, the quiet one of the group but not to be underestimated!

Racing in aid of East Anglia Air Ambulance

Please sponsor us at justgiving.com/fundraising/teammaximump

Kart 30. Team Mortimer Sausage Company

Sponsored by The Mortimer Sausage Company 

Last year’s winner of the Fastest Kart award, Mortimer Sausage Company will be supporting the Royal British Legion, one of its members is cycling from London to Ypres via Dunkirk at the end of June 2018. This Royal British Legion organised 4 day event is being held to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War I.

As it says on their Kart, You gotta keep up, if you want the bacon!

Racing in aid of The Royal British Legion

Please sponsor us at justgiving.com/fundraising/christopher-miller3